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fest for beatles fans [31 Mar 2006|07:11pm]

A point of interest not only for me but hopefully for others in the future conventions: I'm attending the April '06 Beatlefest in New Jersey tomorrow. Not only is it my first Beatles fest, but it's also my first convention. Ever. Figures 5 years into fandom and I go to one about the Beatles. ;) So, I post this to ask advice and comments from those who've been to Beatlefests in the past: what can I expect? What should I look out for? What should I bring? If you haven't been to a Beatlefest but have been to a convention, advice still welcomed!

Any input would be gladly appreciated. Right now I'm trying not to freak out, charging up the camera battery, and plotting which illegal imported DVDs I'd like to buy.
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Cartoons! Wives! Fests! [06 Mar 2006|05:03pm]

"I'm a tidy sort of bloke. I don't like chaos. I kept records in the record rack, tea in the tea caddy, and pot in the pot box."
- George

I think this'll be the last post in terms of 'big group things' here because really, for the most part you guys know about this stuff and I'm much better at reporting my thoughts as they happen on things like the upcoming Lennon doll (bzuh?) or Vol. 2 of the Capitol Albums (I don't get it, but if that floats your boat...)

-- Cartoons: I picked up 3/4ths of a Beatles cartoon figure set a few weeks ago from Virgin Megastore (I still need Ringo) and it got me on a Beatles cartoon kick. For those who don't know about the series by now, it was a Saturday morning cartoon that aired 1965 - 1967, the first cartoon to feature real... people, really. Or rock stars, in any case. It's not Emmy winning material -- it just reminds me of George of the Jungle or Rocky and Bullwinkle in terms of plots and animation, and the voices are crap (An American voice actor for John and George, an English voice actor for Paul and Ringo). It's not even the best Beatles 'cartoon' -- that's Yellow Submarine, which, despite its faults, is one of my top 3 animated films of all time -- but it's cute and silly and... well, you guys know, you understand the love.

And so I bought a set of the cartoons off eBay. ;)

Did I mention the fact that they sometimes show the Beatles in drag and a slashy manner? Here's some pictures and links regarding the series, if you're interested:


Beatle Cartoons: Not Yet Official Website: Lots of info including interviews, some sketches, episode guide, selection of caps from the series.

Nostalgia Central: The Beatles Cartoon: Brief summary with pictures.

ToonTracker.com: The Beatles: Same as above, except more pictures!

YouTube: Beatles Cartoons: This user has a couple of them up for viewing (online, no downloadable versions), including one of the nifty episodes, I Wanna Hold Your Hand (the original link). So far my favorite one is Paperback Writer, which involves each Beatle coming up with their own story on how they met each other. George's involves a James Bond-ish story, while John involves a fighter pilot.

This site has downloadable versions of 8 of the episodes, including the first and last (the 39th) episode.

PicturesCollapse )

-- Carl Perkins and Friends - Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Session: I love this special. Not only is there outstanding old rock and roll music but there's a ton of talented musicians including George, Ringo, and Eric Clapton. Some screencapsCollapse )

-- The Fest for Beatles Fans: Beatles + convention = it figures that the first convention I'll be attending is something related to the Beatles. Ordered the tickets a week ago. I can't wait to see the various guests and musical groups, and the merchandise and the ...aghaahh. Ahh. Aghaaahhh. Peter & Gordon! Pete Best! ...if I do see him I'll likely spend the time listening to how good he is on drums.
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nudity, emo songs, and flash...animation, that is. [15 Jan 2006|09:08pm]

Question: They think your haircuts are un-American.
John: "Well, it was very observant of them because we aren't American, actually."

- News conference after returning from France, February 5, 1964

Inaugural post! Many apologies for the massive delay -- the last half of this past year has been hectic school-wise so hopefully things'll be smoother from now on. Random Beatles bits of spam here or there. Here's some links and things I've been collecting recently:

-- 5 Beatles songs in which an individual Beatle is mentioned by nameCollapse )

-- Lennon and Nudity: Self-explanatory. It talks about the Two Virgins photos (of course) but also discusses his penchant for nudity at other times in his life. Hey, if we're going to discuss pervy stuff in the future, might as well start now!

-- Excellent flash animation of "Tomorrow Never Knows". After you're tripped out on that, check out this video of John and Bob Dylan snarky and sick respectively, sharing a ride in a deleted scene from Dylan's Eat The Document documentary.

-- Some Anthology era photos of Paul, George, and Ringo located here.

-- Anyone check out This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles' Rubber Soul yet? I'm wary of it due to ...not really liking Beatles covers. I don't mind some, but then there are some that should not be released. Speaking of...!

-- IMDB listing for "Across the Universe": A romantic musical directed by Julie Taymor (Titus) with Beatles music. Bono's in it as Doctor Roberts. Can't be all that bad?

-- Music spam! Selection of tracks from 'Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon'Collapse )

-- Picture spam! Psychedelic Paul and White Album era GeorgeCollapse )

Hamburg era things in the next post because damn, I love that era. ;)
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The Grand Opening [29 Oct 2005|07:13pm]

Welcome to Beatle Bits, your source for random Beatles spam. Pictures, music, links, theories, trivia, facts, whatever pops into my head. ignited here, FYI. I decided to create this journal for all the random Beatles stuff I find but keep to myself. Besides, why do a filter when you might as well let all see your obsession love? ;)

Besides the random sort of stuff you'll find here, just know that there may be a slashy bent but not overly so ('cause I know not everyone likes Beatles slash. ;) ). Other than that, it's pretty much your usual journal of Beatles fangirling. Don't worry -- no craaazy fangirling here. We're all adults. We can appreciate the Lennon nose without waxing poetic with numerous exclamation points. (Let's get that out of the way now: !!!!!!) All righty then. Friend away! Tell your friends!

Please remember to join the community in order to see the random friendslocked special posts that might pop up now and again. Thanks!
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