bedazzled with rhinestones! (ignited) wrote in beatlebits,
bedazzled with rhinestones!

fest for beatles fans

A point of interest not only for me but hopefully for others in the future conventions: I'm attending the April '06 Beatlefest in New Jersey tomorrow. Not only is it my first Beatles fest, but it's also my first convention. Ever. Figures 5 years into fandom and I go to one about the Beatles. ;) So, I post this to ask advice and comments from those who've been to Beatlefests in the past: what can I expect? What should I look out for? What should I bring? If you haven't been to a Beatlefest but have been to a convention, advice still welcomed!

Any input would be gladly appreciated. Right now I'm trying not to freak out, charging up the camera battery, and plotting which illegal imported DVDs I'd like to buy.
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