bedazzled with rhinestones! (ignited) wrote in beatlebits,
bedazzled with rhinestones!

The Grand Opening

Welcome to Beatle Bits, your source for random Beatles spam. Pictures, music, links, theories, trivia, facts, whatever pops into my head. ignited here, FYI. I decided to create this journal for all the random Beatles stuff I find but keep to myself. Besides, why do a filter when you might as well let all see your obsession love? ;)

Besides the random sort of stuff you'll find here, just know that there may be a slashy bent but not overly so ('cause I know not everyone likes Beatles slash. ;) ). Other than that, it's pretty much your usual journal of Beatles fangirling. Don't worry -- no craaazy fangirling here. We're all adults. We can appreciate the Lennon nose without waxing poetic with numerous exclamation points. (Let's get that out of the way now: !!!!!!) All righty then. Friend away! Tell your friends!

Please remember to join the community in order to see the random friendslocked special posts that might pop up now and again. Thanks!
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